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    Dill Vegetable
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  • Natural remedies for hair loss in men
    Natural remedies for hair loss in men
    Hair loss is usually unavoidable when men grow old
  • Unusual Healthy Uses Of Common Salt
    Unusual Healthy Uses Of Common Salt
    Common salt is used in almost every home setting but most commonly in the kitchen or at the table to add flavor to most foods

Hair Loss In Men

Hair Loss In Men

Hair loss is usually unavoidable when men grow old. Some men are however fortunate never to lose hair even in their eighties. Most men have this problem when they approach their fifties. It is due to reasons like baldness, fungal infections, nutrient deficiencies, alopecia, hormonal imbalance or psychological disorders. Hair loss is normally a very annoying reality.

Natural remedies for hair loss in men

Scalp massagescalpmassagedafsgdhjfigohpjohiguytdsrea

This is one of the best remedies for hair loss since the lack of circulation of blood is among the main causes of hair loss experienced by men. When blood circulates, it brings along oxygen to your hair follicles, and this stimulates and maintains your hair growth. Regular massaging of the scalp can keep this blood circulation high as well as bringing important elements to your scalp. Practice this daily to increase hair in bald areas.

Egg wash

There are certain foods that you can put on your hair to ensure it grows. Eggs which are a rich protein source will help in keeping your hair strong and thick. Whisk eggs to create a paste. Rubbing the resulting paste on your hair and allowing it rest for some minutes then wash to keep your hair healthy. The protein in the eggs will be packed in your hair giving it a healthier volume.

Black pepper

Black pepper mixed with yogurt is a good combination for your hair. Mix the two and rub the resulting paste on your like with shampoo. Rinse after some minutes then wash with shampoo to get your hair on track.

Coconut milk

Milk from coconut is rich in vitamins and nutrients which are vital for your hair growth. Coconut milk also keeps your follicles and hair healthy thus helping you keep the hair and grow new hair. Implementing coconut milk and oil on your scalp or consuming in drinks and food is a good way of reaping these benefits.

Biotin boost

Biotin is an intestinal bacteria which is good for the growth of your hair. It is found in foods like brown rice and nuts so making these foods part of your diet can significantly help you improve the growth of your hair and prevent hair loss.


Vinegar contains variouvinegarsadfsgdhjfkglhkgjfdsfasfghjjs nutrients like potassium and some enzymes which help in preventing dandruff and promoting hair growth. Dandruff usually clogs the hair pores and follicles that prevent your hair from growing. By eliminating them, vinegar allows your hair to start growing once more.

These remedies combine dietary choices as well as activities that will boost the growth of hair and reduce your hair loss rate by a large margin. This will leave you with thick hair when you start to age.…

Unusual Healthy Uses Of Common Salt

Unusual Healthy Uses Of Common Salt

Common salt is used in almost every home setting but most commonly in the kitchen or at the table to add flavor to most foods. However, besides cooking and flavoring food, common table salt has many more powerful properties which give it a diverse range of functions that can be helpful in many ways at home.

Uses of common salt that are unusual

Easing foot painfootpainsdfghjklkjhgfdsdertyuiuytredsdrftgyhuj

Foot pain can make walking difficult, but this should not be cause for alarm. With a half a cup of common salt mixed in warm water, you can get rid of the pain in your arch, ankle, toes, sole or heels. This solution has also proven effective in soothing tired feet.

Combats eye infections

Common salt works as a disinfectant, and its solution can be used to fight the cause of conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye. The solution works by getting rid of the bacteria or virus that causes red-eye. Other than the red-eye, common salt is also used in reducing eye puffiness and works by drawing moisture to tighten the skin and reduce the inflammation.

Healing mouth infections

With its antiseptic properties, common salt can speed up the healing process of canker sores that result from inflammation of lymph nodes in the mucous membrane. It does so by drawing out the fluid in the sores so that it heals faster. Gargling salt solution also aids in soothing sore throats by fighting the pain associated with the inflammation.

Relieves pain from stings and bites

The salt solution is an effective aid in reducing pain from stings and bites. The principle behind this is the fact that the solution neutralizes the effects of the fluid from the stings or bites and also its ability to speed up the process of clotting such that the wound closes faster.

An Alternative to toothpaste

If you are out of toothpaste, oralcarexcsvgdhfjgkhljkhgfdssfghhjthere is no need to fret. Provided you have a jar of common salt in your kitchen cabinet then you are covered. Common salt helps with getting rid of plaque and other oral risks. For this reason, it is used in most oral care products.

Much is known about common salt and its great properties, but many people would like to stick to it as the traditional cooking partner. It is precise enough that salt can be more helpful in other areas away from the kitchen and that it can be an even more effective home remedy as an alternative to other medically prescribed solutions.…